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Company history:

Since 1995 Jim Bartz has successfully assisted more than 250 companies to achieve ISO 9001, AS9100 (aerospace), TS 16949 (automotive—formerly QS-9000), ISO 13485 (Medical Devices Standard), ISO 14001(Environmental Management Systems), and other similar Quality Management Systems.

Speedy response to requests for quotations:

The Quality Team operates primarily in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois. However, depending on the project and your company’s needs, there may not be any limitations with regards to geographic locations. Though uncommon, some projects, for instance, may not require much (if any) on site time. Other projects may be much more involved. In any event, we can assure you of this: a rapid response to your needs including the best way to approach the project EVEN IF IT MEANS WE ARE NOT INVOLVED IN THE SOLUTION!


Mr. Bartz is a certified Lead Auditor as well has a fully certified internal auditor for the medical devices, aerospace, automotive and other standards as applicable or underway. The current volatile global and regional business climate has resulted in an emphasis in several areas of expertise. These areas happen to become our specialties. Please see “specialties” listed below.

1998: The Quality Team (of Kalamazoo, LLC) was formed.

All projects are and associated training, documentation, formatting, and associated activities have undergone rigorous and numerous improvements with The Quality Team’s clients being the biggest beneficiaries.

Our track record says it all:

Mr. Bartz is proud to state that “100% of all new customers” in the past 8 years have been the result of referrals. “I am not especially fond of making cold sales calls…I know of few people who enjoy cold sales calls,” stated Bartz. “But a phone call to someone who is awaiting your call makes everyone more comfortable and sets the tone to working in an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation. I have come to expect the agreement so long as there is a legitimate need accompanying the referral.” It is the reason for the referrals and the frequency of those referrals that sets Mr. Bartz and The Quality Team apart.

Training and classes offered through state and federal grant offerings:

Mr. Bartz has provided numerous courses (both on and off site of the client’s facility) to fulfill a number of state federal grants. These grants were originated from a number of sources, but they all were fulfilled with one thing in common….the objectives were achieved. Mr. Bartz also formed Global Aerospace Management Solutions, LLC (GAMS). GAMS was a sister company of The Quality Team formed in response to a request from the Michigan Aerospace Manufacturers Association’s (MAMA) request that Mr. Bartz be the “preferred training source” for its more than 25 Michigan members who needed to make the transition from ISO 9001 (or other registration) to AS 9100 requirements (if required). Mr. Bartz successfully helped approximately 12 of these companies achieve aerospace registration without a single major non-compliance.

Offerings(classes) through Michigan Colleges):

Mr. Bartz and The Quality Team teaches a variety of classes (from internal auditing classes through full projects) for Kellogg Community College, Northwest Michigan College, and others.


Though Mr. Bartz has a longstanding and wide range of experience from the basic ISO 9001 and other associated training, he has become known as the premier source for quality products and cutting edge processes for specialty standards such as for ISO 13485 (Medical Devices) and AS9100 (Aerospace). His methods have become benchmarks and the records he has developed over the years have been plagiarized in many cases. Such plagiarizing, however, is viewed as the ultimate flattery unless it is of proprietary information. Proprietary information includes some of the specialized documents and methods that Mr. Bartz has created for Medical Devices and Aerospace clients. These documents not only help to keep his clients compliant to their respective standards, they also provide the client with a decided advantage over their competition and help assure them of their registration and continued registration. Furthermore, many documents provided for or created with the client offer systemic remedies to potential problem areas that are immediately recognized by the customer: they turn liabilities into assets, objections into compliments and rejections into orders.

Please email us with your company’s needs and Request For Quotation (RFQ) details and we will respond in a rapid and responsible manner.

Kind Regards,

James J. Bartz

The Quality Team of Kalamazoo LLC

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