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Becoming registered to the AS9100 (Aerospace) Standard is not a cakewalk. We just make it seem that way. If you would like personalized service from a highly-qualified source, your first call should be to The Quality Team.

The Quality Team utilizes the extensive experience of one man: Jim Bartz. Mr. Bartz has assisted a very large number of Michigan and Indiana companies to successfully navigate Quality Management Systems/Standards. In the mid 1990’s Jim began working with companies seeking registration to the ISO 9001, automotive, aerospace and medical standards. It wasn’t long before Jim was teaching auditing classes for three different colleges in between his considerable consulting and education projects within the private sector. “The Aerospace Standard” has kept me extremely busy during the last couple of years.” Bartz recently said. “I think I am most proud of the fact that I haven’t made a single cold sales call in almost ten years. Until this website (late 2009), all of my customers have come via referral. I think that speaks volumes regarding my customer’s satisfaction. I do not intend to get too aggressive with this website. I have to be able to fully service my clients or I will be forced to pass up the work.” Mr. Bartz provides personalized service—all projects are spearheaded by him. The Quality Team goes further than merely helping a company achieve registration to standards.

Added value should be expected:

• Our experience means we can offer a wide selection of effective procedures.
• On-site, hands-on, personalized service
• Post-project servicing available
• Receive “mature” systems right out of the gate
• Systemic solutions
• Time-tested documents at your disposal
• Effective training----nurturing effective personnel
• We Develop structure, control and accountability

“Building lasting and beneficial relationships!”

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